This new slot machine game, called Avalon II, is a new and quite updated version of the old original Agamone slot game from Microgaming. In these games the magician Merlin who was responsible for greeting and start the game of Avalon II, that is, this is the guide that will accompany the player throughout the journey that will make in the magical world that will make the environment and will give a scene to the game of Avalon II online slots.

The main theme of this game is that the player must look for the legendary Grail, however, you will need some luck to find it and earn many riches, but in the same way on the way to get it, you can get different rewards and different surprises. This new version is cataloged by the experts as a fun and fantastic adventure, where the classic version of the Microgaming online slots game is taken into account.

All about the new Avalon II Slot Full review

The game of Avalon II has been popularized in recent years by the great image quality and screen with which it was designed. Also, the classic game of Avalon has been one of the most successful slot games that have existed in the world of Microgaming, and that is why the Abalone II was based and used the success of that slot machine to update it.

This new version of the game has a total amount of 8 games with bonus, in addition, it was designed with 5 reels and a function of Microgaming 243. To help the player win different games, which is why it is considered one of the slot games more fun of the moment. Similarly, this version is developed with different features that most players expect from the current video slot games, in addition, the game includes different symbols including a wild card, a symbol that is responsible for scattering, different options to make free spins and the 8 bonuses that are found separately in the entire Avalon II slots game

Other characteristics that make this game one of the favorites of the people is that the design and graphics it has is Avalon II are really good, because everything starts when the player is received by the magician Merlin, who becomes his guide throughout the game and from there, you must start looking for the Grail, so the player must follow the legend of King Arthur. In the game, the person will be able to visit different mystical places, which were designed in a graphic way of high quality, in addition, that will have a magnificent system of environmental sound and effects.

From its theme to its great effects and designs have made this Microgaming game become one of the most interesting, entertaining and entertaining video slot games that the company has ever made.

Facts about the wild symbol

The wild symbol that people can find within the characteristics of the Avalon II game has two different ways of working. The first way it works is like a traditional or standard wild symbol, in which it replaces other symbols to give the player victory and the second way it works is like the system patented by Microgaming’s TrailingWilds. That’s why this wild symbol is considered a fundamental and extremely important part of the online Avalon II slot game.

The scatter symbol

This scatter symbol is very important in the game of Avalon II and considered one of the best features that are included in the slot. This is because this scatter symbol is responsible for activating the 8 bonus levels. Likewise, in this symbol, it is possible to activate by turning in 3 or more scattered symbols while the person plays with the Avalon II.

Free spins and shots

One of the best features of this Microgaming Avalon II online slot is that it has included free spins. Note that these free spins are part of the 8 stages of the bonds, which is why many aspects of the turns are novel. In this game, the person can not only turn in 3 scatter symbols and then he is given the free spins, but he must compulsorily open the bonus feature.

The bonuses

The 8 bonus stages of the game offer a trip to the player directly to the Holy Grail. Each stage is a different location and in turn, each one is a different secondary game, of which some include free spins. When the player completes the stages he can automatically access the next stage.